My name is Richard Still. I am a Perl programmer. I am the Richard that lives in the Netherlands and used to live in Winston-Salem and in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee. The one that used to MC Poetry Slam competitions and participated in art shows and played in a band and attended East Tennessee State University. I am not the Richard Still who is a professional dancer in England or the Richard Still who is a urologist in Saint Louis, Missouri. Did you know me in grade school/high school? It’s possible, I went to 54 of them between the ages of 7 and 17. Did we work together at some point? Maybe also true. I worked for Prodigy Online Services, Wachovia Bank, and I was an on-air DJ for WQUT radio in Johnson City, Tennessee. Maybe you think we were in a musical together? Also possible, I was one of the many people involved in ‘Gilgamesh and Enkidu’ in High School, that was a hoot. I am the Richard that built Online Talent Manager, a psychological test publishing platform. And I also built the Learnworks Value Profile system. I am also the programmer for Nobralux B.V., which is involved in providing services to cities in the public lighting sector. I am also the guy who walks the angry chihuahua in Breda along the Wilhelminasingel.

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45 Exhaustion

I am going to admit that listening to podcasts, voting in the last election, endlessly biting my tongue when talking with my parents, is getting the better of me. “The…

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Is this website for business/professional life or a personal journal? A bit of both, I think, and both are inevitably influenced by whatever I happen to be reading at the…

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Trumpism is a form of Fascism

I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate Cody Johnston’s ability to clearly explain some pretty complex concepts with examples (SO MANY EXAMPLES), citations and excellent timing. If you have…

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