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Extreme Work Styles: my scores in the Career Guide

When you get your Career Guide, you need to read all the way through it once and then go back and focus in on, one section at a time. To illustrate this, I am going to go over my own report with you, even the not so bright parts. In a previous article, I showed […]

burning out

Burning Out : The 7 Stagnation Indicators [Article]

Burnout syndrome and work-related stress can impair a person’s physical and mental well-being and 27.6 percent of a 2012 study of American workers reported having burnout symptoms. This is a serious problem and the affects of burnout role over from work into personal lives and can cause a cascade of knock-on problems for your employees […]

The Career Guide is based on the Octogram test results.

Eating my own dog food – [Article]

“Eat your own dog food” means using the product you are making. If you make coffee makers, you should use the coffee makers you produce for your morning cup of joe. If you make personality tests, you should use those personality tests in real life for yourself. So this is what I am going to […]

an axe

Working On a Career and Not Just In It

I usually don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my career. It’s something that just sort of happens as we move from job to job over time. It might mean a new company, a move, a new position or new challenges and skills to learn. A career is something that you are just involved […]