Why is anybody surprised that Trump is a racist?

I was asked this question today by a co-worker, “It’s obvious that he’s a huge racist, why is anybody surprised by this?”

And I had to think about that for a few minutes. I feel like I have an answer.

You see, Americans thought that with the election (and RE-election) of Obama, that American society had reached some kind of racial tipping point. There were still racist and bigots in society (all societies generate them), but that they were now in the definite minority. American society wasn’t exactly post-racial, but it was definitely on the correct side of the moral arc, we were getting better.

The events in Charlottesville was a shock to the system, a clear indication that racists were not only still around, but gaining confidence and power under the Trump administration. All of those dog whistles during the election cycle have turned into foghorns and Trump is showing his bigotry for all to see. Equivocating nazis and KKK members with those that oppose them (Trump’s statement that there was violence and hatred on both sides) shows just how far America still has to go on their journey to racial equality, and it was painful.

Most of the estimates I had seen about the future put American hegemony failing around the year 2030. I think Trump’s administration has accelerated that decline. American power is only partially based on its military might. Diplomacy and Economic power were the other pillars and Trump is undermining them so fast it’s hard to imagine that it’s just an accident. By leaving the State Department largely empty and abrogating international agreements just because he ‘can’, Trump is destroying the basis of America’s greatest powerbase. By attacking the education that is the basis for future innovation (both military and economic), Trump is weakening America’s foundation for the future.

I feel sick.