Trump is Successful!

This was put to me as a defense of Trump, recently. And I had a good long think about it, because in the moment my brain flooded with all of the counter-factuals (ie: Numerous bankruptcies, inability to manage a casino, an airline, a university, a steak company…. an inability to actually RUN any company not founded on real estate or fraud). It’s obvious that Trump is NOT a good business man, but how to explain that having money doesn’t make you good at business…

So, after my thinking about it, I came up with the following truth:

There is a difference between a ‘Successful’ businessman and a ‘Good’ businessman.

A Successful business man can just point at his bank balance and say, “Yup, right there, I have the high score.”

So, let’s take that as a given: ‘Success’ is measured in coin and by that measure, Trump is a successful business man.

If that is true, and if that is all that matters, then any rich person is worthy of admiration and has an ingrained ability to sit in the President’s chair. But this is not true because if the bank balance is all that matters, I have several drug lords, swindlers, crooks, despots, and assholes that would suddenly jump under that umbrella.

We need some further evidence, something beyond that ‘money only’ view of success. What sets apart the drug lords and swindlers and crooks from Trump?

I don’t think Trump has been accused of killing anyone. And he is famously anti-drugs.

Anything else?


No, that’s it. He is a monumental swindler, crook, fraud, and cheat.

“But he has a lot of money in the bank!”

He got it the old fashioned way, he inherited and borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars, had a few strong successes and used the bankruptcy courts to dodge the losses of his many failures. He didn’t pay suppliers and didn’t pay back loans and dodged the fallout of those actions by suing and hiding behind a web of LLC’s.