Trump-edy Trump Trump Trump

I have been seeing a lot of traffic in my social media about how Donald Trump is the new Hitler, a demagogue comes to power on a message of nationalism and racial purity. As a fan of history, I decided to compile a list of things to watch for if this is true, an objective list of actions that will be visible to everyone. If he keeps following the Hitler playbook, we can look forward to the following acts:

  1. Short term measures to boost the economy. Hitler did this by going into massive government spending on the military. Since the USA already HAS the largest military and budget, he will probably have to come up with some other public works to provide this boost. Expect massive infrastructure projects, they will be riddled with corruption, but that’s a good thing, from Trump’s perspective. Corrupt officials are *owned* officials and putting money into his own pockets and the pockets of his buddies will make them more loyal.
  2. Hitler’s generals tried to assassinate him, several times, because they understood what a monster he was. So, President Trump will need to get rid of or replace any military leaders who disagree with him or are not loyal enough. He has to solidify his power base and getting rid of the only power that could directly oppose him (who have sworn to uphold the constitution that he will shortly be tearing into little pieces) is high on his list.
  3. Hitler had to burn down his parliament to cut out that opposition to his power base. Trump has an advantage here because Congress is already ineffectual and he will get to appoint 1 to 3 Supreme Court Justices, these won’t even be a speed bump for him. As an act, President Trump will appoint ineffectual or personally loyal people to law enforcement positions.
  4. Be a rock star. Hitler was glowingly portrayed in news articles around the world before the start of WWII, there was a lot of support for him in the USA as well. Hitler hired amazing fashion designers (Hugo Boss) to create the uniforms of his SS, commissioned cool affordable cars (the Volkswagen), and staged huge public spectacles (Nazi rallies and the Olympic Games, not that these are synonymous). Trump is already all geared up for this, his rallies and performances are going to be huuuuuge. He just needs to keep 51% of the white, mostly poor, populace entertained, something he has proven very capable of doing. Expect a lot of spectacle and braggadocio.
  5. As a budding supreme leader, he needs to get a handle on the media and make those nay-sayers and critics shut up. The USA already has some experience here, they just need to reinstate some of the machinery put in place for the cold war like the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and rampant internal spying by the FBI against ‘enemies of the state’. [Newt Gingrich has already started the process on starting up the HUAC again.] Also, he needs to threaten journalists with lawsuits and prison for disagreeing with him. [also, already started]
  6. Ramp up the fear factor, people who are scared will give up their freedom for some extra (perceived) security. Hitler did it with the “international jewish conspiracy” and the communists. Trump will do it with Muslims and terrorism.
  7. He will need to be selective in who he targets. Trump will need to make sure he only targets minorities, he will focus on non-Christians that’s the only explanation for selecting someone like Mike Pence to be his VP. He will need to make sure that anything bad that happens gets pinned on one of those groups and make sure that they are portrayed as evil at every turn.
  8. Trump will surround himself with people who agree with him and are loyal to him, personally. He has promised to ‘drain the swamp’ of Washington, D.C. but any rational observer sees that his cabinet appointments are straight up alligators and water snakes. His selection criteria has nothing to do with ‘good for the country’ or ‘good at the job’, the only thing that matters to Trump is Personal Loyalty, you know, like a demagogue. If he stays true to form, Trump’s crimes will make the Teapot Dome scandal look like a stolen Snickers bar.

There are some differences, Trump isn’t using amphetamines and doesn’t have any military experience. I don’t think Trump actually HAS any significant goals, maybe he’s just trying to get to a point where he has his name on every school and park in America in great big gold-colored letters.

No, the real danger of Trump isn’t his ambitions, he doesn’t want to rule the world or create an empire that lasts a thousand years. The real danger of Trump is that he does not seem to realize that peace between nations is HARD WORK that requires diplomacy and constant effort. Anyone how has read Kagan (Kagan, Donald. (1995). On the Origins of War and the Preservation of Peace. New York: Doubleday. ISBN 0-385-42374-8.) knows that the ground state of relations between nations is war, peace is hard and I don’t think Trump knows how to do that. He will break long standing relationships, he will alienate allies, he will create an international power vacuum that others will step in to. His lack of experience and insight will destabilize the world, and he won’t care. (Or he might welcome the possibilities of wars, who knows? War can be good spectacle!)

The opposition to Trump has to get off of the sexism and racism angle, those don’t matter to his power base. They should have attacked his criminal behavior and incompetence. I think if the Democrats actually address THOSE parts of Trump’s administration, they will have a chance of deposing him during the next election cycle. Sexism and Racism will be there, yes. They will be bad, yes. They WILL NOT MATTER to his power base, corruption and criminality DO. They hated Hillary because they saw her as being corrupt and getting away with it. Trump didn’t say that Hillary was not qualified, he said that she was corrupt and a criminal. This was very much the pot calling the kettle black, but the Democrats didn’t make this clear to the electorate and lost.