Thank you, Felix Geerinckx

I spent 2 hours trying to fix a tricky MySQL database issue today. A full partition, unable to dump and restore, symbolic links not working, aptitude trying to delete everything . . ..

Well, it was just stressful.

And then I was able to find a post from 2005 written by a man named Felix Geerinckx. It solved my problems and all is well in my world again. (the post in question:,52107,52111#msg-52111)

So OVERWHELMED WITH GRATITUDE, I tried to send this internet stranger a quick ‘thank you’ for this 12 year old post.

Can’t find him. He is, or was, a pretty steady contributor to the MySQL forums, but I cannot find any email addresses or public forums where I can send him a message. So I am doing it here.

Thank you, Felix Geerinckx. You have made my world a better place and I want you to know I appreciate it.