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Practical Example of the Talent Profile – [Talent Profile]


What is the Octogram test measuring?

You have a way you prefer to work / behave / speak while you are on the job. These preferences are called your “Work Style”. On Train occasion, your job might require you to step out of your preferred work style , to do things in a way that conflict with your own preferences.

All work requires a little bit of flexibility. No matter what your job, there will be some aspects that do not agree with you. Your goal is to find work and a career that keeps these disagreements to a minimum. Work that closely aligns with your work style will feel more natural, be less stressful and take less energy to perform. This feeling of “fit” between your work style and your actual work is the single largest contributor to job satisfaction. Values and Culture also play a role, but that’s a different story.

We want to find a job that fits us, but before we can do that, Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys we need to find wholesale NFL jerseys out what want, we need a language for talking about work style and a simple way to display it. The Talent Profile is based on the Octogramâ„¢ test. And I think the best way to learn how it works is to look at a real person’s results and see how they apply to their actual behavior.

For this example person, I will use me:

The Talent Profile is based on the Octogram test results.

The Talent Profile is based on the Octogram test results.

Each of the eight traits in this graph represents something that has to happen in the work place. All companies, large or small, need to competently perform each of these functions. You, as an individual, prefer doing some things (the medium and high scores) and prefer avoiding some things (low scores). 5 is the middle, it’s Nh?ng average, it’s competent, it’s cheap MLB jerseys flexible. As you move away from the 5 and toward the extremes, your behavior becomes more locked in to a particular mode.

As you can see in my results, I get locked in quite a lot! Those ‘1’ scores in the top left are talking about behaviors that deal with co-workers and engender loyalty and a good atmosphere in the workplace. I am totally pants at that sort of stuff. When I am working around people, I have to consciously remind myself to smile and interact with my colleagues. I am blunt and just don’t think about personal things in the work place.

On the opposite end of the scale, that 9 score in the bottom left on the ‘Analyst’ role means that it’s super difficult for me to make a fast decision. My default is to try to logic my way out of a problem and if I is don’t have solid reasons and facts to back up my position, then it’s probably not a valid position to have. Intellectually (ha!), I know this is not a realistic view of the world. Lots of things transcend logic and reason and waiting for Bioluminescent all of the facts before making a decision means that too many of those decisions are made too late or are never made at all.

The high scores in the bottom right are on traits that deal with action and productivity and forward momentum and looking toward the future. With the above average scores in this area, you can see that I am definitely driven. But do you see how these high scores are far away from the low scores in the upper left? That’s because traits that are far away from each other have a negative correlation — when one is high the other is usually low.

Luckily, the Carer Guide walks you through all of this, explaining the model and breaking down the scores on each trait and what each of them means for your behavior in the work place. The only hard part about this whole process is Sports that sometimes, the truth hurts. The texts are framed to be as positive as possible, but there’s only so many ways to say, “Over-thinks everything“. I will admit that, even though I was intimately involved in creating this report, when I ran my own results through it . . . it was pretty confrontational. It forced me to examine myself and think about the future and my place in it.

The Talent Profile is also really long. So read it and absorb it in chunks. That’s what I plan on doing with a series of articles here on I’m going to walk through what the Talent Profile says about wholesale MLB jerseys me and, in the mean time, give you some insight into what each section is telling you about yourself.

The Talent Profile is available on the website.