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Burning Out : The 7 Stagnation Indicators

Burnout syndrome and work-related stress can impair a person’s physical and mental well-being and 27.6 percent of a 2012 study of American workers reported having burnout symptoms. This is a serious problem and the affects of burnout role over from work into personal lives and can cause a cascade of knock-on problems for your employees and their families.

This cheap nba jerseys is a serious problem and the affects of burnout role over from work into personal lives and can cause a cascade of knock-on problems for your employees and their families.

Burnout is usually only recognized after the fact, after work is missed, after the screaming match in the office, after productivity has been in a steady decline for months, if not years. Early diagnosis of Burnout can make the difference and this is the goal of this article.

You should understand that Burnout is the result of an underlying mismatch between the person and the position. An extreme mismatch between the person and the position will require an extreme amount of effort from the employee. This long term erosion of a person’s mental and physical reserves ends in Burnout.

The symptoms listed in this article do not necessarily occur in any particular order. The symptoms are welches highly correlated with each other, if one is present, others are likely to be present as well.

Symptom 1 :  Rigidity

Flexibility is key to a healthy work environment, being able to adapt to changing conditions in the workplace. This means that an employee can solve problems, reach fixed goals, but be fluid in how they reach those goals. When a person becomes too rigid, fixed and unchanging, “There’s only one way to do this!” even in the face of evidence that they are wrong, watch out. That’s a visible symptom of someone who is becoming brittle and breakable.

Symptom 2 : Isolation

Withdrawing from interactions with colleagues, isolating themselves from others. Not listening or talking with others, not communicating, is text a warning sign for burnout. We are social creatures, one of the most severe punishments we can inflict on another person is isolation. When you notice a person stepping away from interactions, cutting off communications, your Burnout radar should start pinging.

Symptom 3 : Cartography

When someone starts carefully drawing lines around their responsibilities and duties. When someone starts mapping out what they will do and what they will not do. When a person loses the will or drive Top or ability to occasionally stretch beyond their borders, beware.

Symptom 4 : Boredom

When a person stops caring, when they are not passionate or even really interested in the job. When they stop coming up with ideas, when enthusiasm dries up, when the thrill is gone, Burnout is on the horizon. People were not meant to spend big swathes of time being bored, it is almost as punishing as isolation.

Symptom 5 : Ich über alles

When the first question is, “How does this affect me?” and not, “How does this affect the organization?”, it is an indicator that someone is disengaging and wholesale jerseys turning into a Burnout risk. A person who puts themselves first, who’s ambitions and values are not aligned with the company’s is generating a lot of turmoil both for themselves and for everyone around them.

Symptom 6 : Weakest link

A person might like their job, their surroundings, the values of the organization, their boss and everything else and just not be able to do the job. Competency at a task makes a person feel confident and valuable, incompetency does just the opposite. Those feelings of insecurity build up and eat away at a person’s core belief in their own value. So 缓存系列3:缓存相关算法 pay attention! Train up employees who are falling behind or help them find positions more suited to their level of skill.

Symptom 7 : Statuary

People need to feel like they are growing, expanding, wholesale jerseys learning and gaining in ability or skill. thinking People are alive and living things grow, there are lots of words to describe non-growing things, and none of them should be applied to a career. When an employee feels like they are standing still, that’s the same feeling as being trapped and watching the walls close in. Keep people engaged by helping them grow into better people,

That’s it, those are the 7 symptoms you need to watch out Grand for in your employees and in yourself. If you see them, you need to be aware that ignoring the problem will not make it go away, will probably make it worse and might very well lead to a Burnout.

That’s bad.

Okay, what can you DO to prevent Burnout?

Step 1 : Knowing is half the battle. Apply the list of symptoms to your employees and to yourself. The solutions are part of the descriptions.

Step 2 : Understand that, at the core, all of these symptoms start from the same place; a mismatch between a person and a position. There are the lots of self-awareness tools on the market and you should try to find the one that fits your needs.

Step 3 : Talk about Burnout. Open up the lines of communication in your workplace. Awareness really IS important (see Step 1 above)


Based on Stagnation research of Ron van de Water, the owner of the Dutch consultancy firm Learnworks B.V.

The Talent Profile is available on the website.