Dutch Perl Workshop 2018

The Dutch Perl Workshop is an chance for Perl developers in the Netherlands to get together, meet old acquaintances, make new friends in the community and share some of the cool things we have learned and developed in the language. This year was lovely, despite the very high (for the Netherlands) temperatures. We were treated to presentations on everything from Perl on embedded devices to the inner workings of the Hash mechanism in Perl6 to suggestions for streamlining how Perl performs in extremely high traffic situations. Great stuff.

We also got a moving talk from Elizabeth Mattijsen on her experiences with Perl and the community around it and suggestions on how to grow into the future. Liz has been a driving force in Perl development and advocacy and is now spending much of her time working on Perl6 functions. Her talk was about the current “rift” between Perl 5 and Perl 6 and how to think about this division going forward. Great stuff all around!


After the talks and lightning talks and final thanks for the sponsors (Booking.com, cPanel, and Perl6.org) it was time for Barbeque, refreshing beverages, conversation and games. Wendy brought a whole bunch of board games and Mark Overmeer asked me to bring a game I recently created, “Merchants and Pirates”. I made this game for friends and family and it was a hoot to share it with my Perl friends!

Alas, all good things….  So, I caught a ride to the train station (thanks John van Krieken!) and it was back to Breda. Slightly soused and looking forward to the next time I can get together with this awesome group of people!