45 Exhaustion

I am going to admit that listening to podcasts, voting in the last election, endlessly biting my tongue when talking with my parents, is getting the better of me. “The only thing that evil requires is that good men do nothing to combat it.” Yes, that is true, but I think that leaves out the bit about being able to KEEP fighting, every day. That is the hard part, the relentless river of lies and double dealing from the administration of 45 and the army of people (both real and Russian troll farmed) backers is overwhelming. It’s hard to stand up every day and call out lies only to be told by a large part of the populace that, “Lies?! You’re just being a liberal snowflake” and “Everybody lies, our guys are just better at it!”

And does it matter? I’m half a world away. I have been living in a liberal democracy for 18 years now, I’m fine, why can’t I just let it go and let someone else worry about it? Does it matter to me if my family and friends are now sliding headlong (some of them gleefully!) into an autocracy?