Trumpism is a form of Fascism

I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate Cody Johnston’s ability to clearly explain some pretty complex concepts with examples (SO MANY EXAMPLES), citations and excellent timing. If you have not had a chance to look at Some News on YouTube, this episode is a good jumping in point. It is part 2 of a series explaining that Trump isn’t Hitler, he’s just a fascist.

My Dutch coworker tried to cheer me up about this stuff (the rise of American Fascism), but for every olive branch he offered, I had a counterpoint.

“The courts will stop him from doing illegal things!”

– Nope. The Republican controlled House and Senate are on a record breaking pace in appointing Federal judges. Right-wing idealogue judges. With the ascension of the newest justice, the court is now as extremely right as it has ever been and the new justices are young, so that tilt will last for the next 40 years. Gorsuch and Cavenaugh do not believe in upholding previous decisions and only overturning those decisions in overwhelming situations (Brown vs Board of Education and overturning Dred Scott). This is known as stare decisis. They will deny that congress has the right to give authority to agencies (this is called ‘Chevron Deference’, write that down) and will appoint themselves (the now right-wing bench) as arbiters of what they think the congress meant. Also, Roe v Wade and Obergefell v. Hodges are going to be overturned as soon as any remotely relevant case is brought before the court.

“The people of America will rise up, only a minority of America support him!”

– Nope. What was the percentage of the German population that were members of the Nazi party? That was only 9%. Hitler took power with only 33% of the vote. It doesn’t matter what percentage you have against you if you have all the power.

There were more, but just typing this has depressed me.