Personality Report

The Talent Profile is based on the Octogram ® test from psychometric test developer Online Talent Manager. The results of the Octogram are straight-forward and my work with OTM helped develop the Talent Profile into its current form. I’m a big believer in being a user of what you make, it means that you are developing from the perspective of the customer/end-user and it means that if you make life difficult for your customer you are making it difficult for yourself as well.

I took the Octogram test and printed out my Talent Profile report. For each section, I show you what the report says and my reactions to each section. I found this to be a valuable and not always pleasant project. The unpleasantness comes from the sections of the report that said things that were true, but that I didn’t want to hear. Sometimes the things you don’t want to hear are precisely the things that you *need* to hear.

Here are some sections and my reactions to them:

Work Styles

Strengths, Keywords, and potential Pitfalls

Development tips

Communicating with others

How I react to change

How I act as a member of a team

If you accidentally put me in a management role, how would I act?

There you go, that’s most of the information you need to know about me as a potential employee :)